Need NC Emergency Tree Service?

24 Hour Emergency Tree Removal For Wake, Durham and Orange Counties

If you have been affected by storm damage, know that Arborex Trees is one of the best resources for storm damage clean-up, high-risk tree removal and tree removal & disposal.? We have one of the largest fleets of tree removal & debris hauling equipment, and have years of North Carolina storm damage clean-up for homeowners, businesses, local governments and NCDOT.

Arborex has removed thousands of storm damaged trees since 2007 including hurricanes like Matthew and Florence, ice storms, tornados, and wind storms.


Airlift The Tree Off Your Home!

Arborex Trees owns a fleet of over 30 pieces of heavy equipment including 2 cranes, so we can literally airlift your tree off your home.? This allows us to reach over any other trees or debris and remove the tree on your structure more quickly and safely.

Emergency Tree Removal, Roof & Roof Tarping/ Securing

If a tree has fallen on your home or structure, it's important to remove it immediately and secure your building so you can save what you can of the contents and structure.? Most homeowner's insurance policies require you to secure the home as quickly as possible.? Failure to do this can add add tens of thousands of dollars damage to your home.

In addition to offering 24 hour emergency tree removal for storm damage, we will also secure your home- covering the tree-damaged parts of your home with professional grade tarps and coverings keep your belongings safe and keep conflict with your insurance adjuster to a minimum.

Homeowner's Insurance Documentation

We provide complete documentation of your tree damage, including images and detailed receipts.? While insurance companies all differ, insurance adjusters have never had a problem with the quality or quantity of our emergency tree damage documentation.

CALL OR TEXT 919.800.7718 fOR 24 Hour Emergency Tree Removal

Arborex Trees offers 24 hour emergency tree removal & securing services when life or property is at risk due to storm damage.? IF YOU NEED IMMEDIATE SERVICE, CALL OR TEXT USMAN AT 919.800.7718.

Please do not email emergency tree removal requests.