5 Star Tree Removal For Triangle Homeowners

Arborex Trees has removed thousands of trees for local homeowners in the Raleigh-Durham NC metro area. You will be hard-pressed to find another tree service that has the volume of reviews at such high ratings on sites like Google and Angie's List.

The reason we get great reviews is because we offer true value in our service.? We show up on-time with a large team and the perfect equipment to remove your trees quickly, safely and with minimal, if any, yard damage.? None of this "just happens."? All of our tree removals are pre-planned, including scheduling the right tree technicians for the job as well as the right heavy equipment so it all works together for a trouble-free tree removal.

Damage-Free Tree Removal

No one can guarantee "damage free" when removing some trees, but we take every painstaking step we can to ensure we don't damage anything- including your lawn, and especially your gardens.? Here are some of the steps we take to ensure damage free removal:

  • Pre-Planning by Usman, the owner.? Most tree removal companies show up with their whole company and figure out what to do when they get there.? Usman inspects the property, obstacles and possible problems that could arise.? He designs a plan, and then chooses the right fit, from his team of 20 technicians and from his fleet of 35 pieces of heavy equipment.
  • Company-owned Crane and 35 Pieces of Heavy Equipment.? Cranes are usually one of the best tools for damage-free tree removal.? It's easier, quicker and safer to lift the trunk of the tree up and over? any structures, live trees, bushes, etc.? Most companies are reluctant to use cranes because they are very expensive to purchase, and crane rental costs would hav to be added into the cost of your tree removal quote.? Arborex Trees, as a NCDOT authorized contractor, owns our own fleet of heavy equipment, even the cranes.
  • Hard Working Team: if we show up with 12 guys to remove 1 tree, it's because it's more efficient.?Sometimes, if a crane can't work, we will hand-carry the tree debris to the truck to protect your property.? We might be on our way to a large job and our 12 guys can get the work done in a half hour, where it takes another company the whole day.
  • Ground Protection Mats:? We do our best to avoid riding our equipment in your yard, but sometimes, there is no other choice.? In those cases, we build a protective, temporary "road" with our ground protection mats.? There will be no tire tracks, ruts, holes or any other blemish.? We even take blowers to clean and perfect your lawn.
  • Owner-Supervised:? Accidents happen when people are not prepared, take shortcuts or don't do their job.? Usman is on-site to ensure his plan is closely followed, and he is very respectful and caring of your property.

Neighborhood Tree Removal Event Discounts

Do you want to live on the street where it's always sunny?? Arborex Trees is all about providing value to our clients.? One way we extend value is to offer community tree removal events.? When you and one or more of your neighbors co-ordinate tree removals at the same time, we can offer true volume discounts of our already competitive prices.? Our dispatch and set-up costs are a significant part of our quotes, so we can pass some of these savings on to you and your neighbors.

Tree Removal For Homes Going On The Market

Curb Appeal:? Sunny yards sell better in North Carolina!??

Are you planning on selling your home or piece of investment real estate? Sometimes removing a few pine trees and brightening up a yard is exactly what a home needs to give it the spakle to sell!? Other times, removing a dangerous tree hanging over the roof is a must!? ?Arborex Trees will gladly work with you and the seller to plan a cost-effective tree removal plan to make the home sell!


Does Your Property Have A Septic Tank?

If your home has a septic tank in the yard, it's important that your tree removal company does not drive heavy equipment over the tank or they will damage it.? Arborex airlifts the tree and debris to the dump truck, so your septic tank is as safe as your fescue grass!