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Dangerous & Difficult Tree Removal for The Triangle

Arborex Trees specializes in dangerous tree removal for properties in Raleigh-Cary and Durham-Chapel Hill NC.? Our pre-planning, extensive equipment and attention to detail allows us to safely and quickly remove trees located almost anywhere under any circumstance with minimal lot damage, if any.? Our exceptional safety record and accident record proves our commitment to damage-free tree removal.? Here are some examples of dangerous tree removals:


  • Tree has fallen or growing over your home or structure-? A tree's branches should never be allowed to grow over a home- it might provide great shade, but it's a peril waiting to happen.? A few branches over your home is actually routine work for us.? If you have a large dying tree with a huge trunk leaning over your house, it's dangerous tree removal
  • Damaged trees- Rotten trees, termite infested trees, trees struck by lightning all require special processes and equipment to provide the safest and most non-invasive removal process.
  • Difficult terrain- trees on slopes and hills are more prone to falling in a specific direction, so they need extra care when removing them.
  • Deformed trees- trees with curved trunks or heavy branches and foliage on one side are often difficult for terr removers with standard equipment to remove.? We have the ideal tools.
  • Uprooted Trees- Thrres that are partially uprooted are very instable and require special removal process.
  • Trees Growing in Utility Lines & Electric Wires- Of course these provide a dangerous obstacle for tree removal? Our DOT experience gives us extensive expertise in this area.
  • Urban Tree Removal- Trees growing in cities are often a challenge to remove- small yards, roots in concrete, and branches in adjacent years are just some of the problems with urban tree removal.
  • High-Traffic Areas- Tree removal equipment takes up lots if space.? If you are on a thoroughfare that is heavily used, traffic issues can result.? Arborex has complete traffic controll devices, lights and signage to keep traffic moving.? Additionally, our quick speed minimizes traffic interruptions.

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