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Dangerous Tree Removal

Dangerous and Difficult Tree Removal for the NC Triangle

Dangerous tree removal service is a specialized tree care offering provided by Arborex to address immediate and severe tree-related hazards that pose a significant risk to people, property, and the environment.  Our exceptional safety record and accident record prove our commitment to damage-free tree removal.

This service is essential when trees exhibit structural damage, storm-induced instability, severe disease, or other factors that make them highly unpredictable and dangerous. Our first and foremost goal of dangerous tree removal is to swiftly and safely eliminate the immediate threat, minimizing the potential for accidents, property damage, or injury. 

Certified arborists and skilled technicians assess the tree’s condition, prioritize safety, employ advanced equipment and controlled removal techniques. They take immediate safety measures to secure the area during the removal process.

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Our Process for Dangerous Tree Removal

Emergency Assessment

For a dangerous tree concern, we promptly dispatch a team of certified arborists to conduct emergency assessment to evaluate the tree's potential risks.

Safety Measures

Our team takes immediate safety precautions to secure the area and clear risks. This may include cordoning off the area and diverting traffic if necessary.

Rapid Removal

Our skilled technicians utilize advanced equipment and industry-approved techniques to systematically remove dangerous trees in sections.

Immediate Cleanup

After the tree is removed, we promptly clean up the debris and wood chips, leaving your surroundings safe and clear.

Reasons You Should Consider Dangerous Tree Removal

Imminent Threat

Dangerous trees, such as those with severe structural damage, leaning precariously, or with unstable branches, pose an immediate threat to life and property. Removal is necessary to mitigate these dangers swiftly.

Storm Damage

Trees damaged during storms can become unstable and unpredictable, requiring urgent removal to prevent further damage or accidents.

Overhanging Structures

Trees leaning over buildings, power lines, or roadways can cause significant damage if they fall. Dangerous tree removal safeguards against potential disasters.

Disease or Decay

Trees suffering from extensive disease or decay can unexpectedly fail, posing risks to anyone in their vicinity. Removing them prevents sudden accidents.

Insurance Compliance

Many insurance policies require property owners to address dangerous trees promptly to maintain coverage. Failure to do so may result in coverage denial for related incidents.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    • What constitutes a difficult tree removal?

      Difficult tree removal refers to the removal of trees that present unique challenges due to factors such as their location, size, proximity to structures, or limited access. These trees may require specialized equipment, rigging, or complex techniques to ensure safe and controlled removal.

    • When is Dangerous Tree Removal Necessary?

      Dangerous tree removal is necessary when trees exhibit signs of instability, structural damage, or severe disease that makes them unpredictable and hazardous. It becomes essential to protect lives, property, and the surrounding environment. Additionally, dangerous tree removal is required in emergencies, such as after storms or natural disasters.

    • Is Arborex's Dangerous Tree removal Service Available Near Me in North Carolina?

      Yes, Arborex offers dangerous tree removal services that are conveniently available to residents and businesses throughout North Carolina's Raleigh and the Research Triangle Area. Our team is strategically located to serve you efficiently, ensuring prompt and expert dangerous tree removal services right near you.