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Over $5 Million Invested in Equipment

Arborex is committed to providing the best tree removal and trimming services, and to do that, we heavily invest in advanced equipment. With an investment of over 5 million USD in a diverse range of equipment, we equip our skilled employees with the tools needed to tackle any tree project with perfection.

Diverse Equipment for Every Task

Our considerable equipment fleet includes bobcats, bulldozers, excavators, and forestry mulchers, enabling us to handle large-scale projects with ease. 

For tasks requiring height and reach, the fleet includes bucket trucks and cranes, ensuring that even the tallest trees can be expertly managed. 

We also deploy specialized equipment such as stump grinders and chippers to address specific tree care needs.

Quality and Maintenance

What sets Arborex apart is not just the sheer quantity of equipment but the quality and maintenance of each piece. When you choose Arborex, you’re selecting a team armed with the best tools in the industry, dedicated to delivering the best results for any sort of tree project. From box trucks for transporting materials to mini skid-steers for delicate jobs, we have a tool for every tree care challenge. Our investment in ground protection mats and traffic control set-up equipment & signage underscores our commitment to safety, minimizing any potential impact on your property during tree services.Depending on the size of the job, the convoy may include any or all of our company-owned fleet: