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  • What equipment do you use for tree removal?

    Arborex has all the equipment in-house. From up to 50 pieces of heavy equipment to 100 smaller pieces of equipment, we can cater to any tree project all on our own. This means there’s no need for you to contact any sub-contractors even for lot clearing. We have everything you need.

  • Are your tree technicians certified and insured?

    Yes. Some employees are ISA-certified arborists while others are Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals, and some are certified tree care specialists. Also, all the employees are fully insured.

  • What safety measures do you take during tree work?

    Safety is our top priority. Safety training is conducted weekly and we hold safety meetings every morning. The team follows strict safety protocols, including using proper equipment, securing work areas, and adhering to industry standards to ensure the safety of both our crew and your property. We are fully insured, and our technicians are trained to handle tree work safely.

  • Can you help with tree maintenance?

    Absolutely! We offer comprehensive tree maintenance services, including pruning, trimming, and health assessments, to keep your trees in the best condition.

  • How do you handle emergency tree removal in North Carolina?

    For emergency tree removals, we have a rapid response team available 24/7. They will swiftly assess the situation and efficiently remove a dangerous tree to prevent further damage. Your safety and property protection are our top priority during emergency situations.

  • Do you provide tree care advice and recommendations?

    Yes, we offer expert tree care advice and recommendations. Our certified arborists can assess your trees' health and provide guidance on maintenance, pruning schedules, disease prevention, and more to ensure your trees thrive.

  • Can you provide references from past customers?

    Of course! We can certainly connect you with folks who've used our tree services before. Feel free to get in touch with our friendly customer support team, and they'll link you up with happy customers willing to talk about their Arborex Tree Service experiences.