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Trusted Tree and Shrub Removal

We do things a little differently at Arborex Tree Service.

The first thing that you will notice when you call Arborex, is that the owner, Usman, answers the phone himself.  You don’t talk to a receptionist, you don’t deal with a salesperson, you deal directly with the owner.  As the owner, Usman Ahmad has all the answers to the questions you have.  He will also be the person you meet when you get an on-site estimate.  We don’t do telephone estimates because we need to see the scope of work before giving you our best price.  We need to see the trees you want removed, the topography, risks involved and challenges we may encounter.  Only then can we give you a true estimate that we can stand behind, and one that always beat our professional competition.

The day of the tree removal should “wow” you.  You won’t see 2 guys show up, then maybe a couple more later.  We show up with our team of 8 uniformed professionals (all who are cross-trained in each others’ jobs for efficiency and safety), and our convoy of equipment.  Depending on the size of the job, the convoy may include any or all of our company-owned fleet…

Chip Truck



Log Truck

Log Trailer

Bucker Truck

Dump Truck

Box Truck

Utility Truck

Stump Grinder

Work Trucks

By showing up with an army of men and equipment, we can complete jobs in a fraction of the time other tree companies finish. Then we are off to our next job!

One of the biggest differences with Arborex is that we have no subcontractors, and finish all of the work the same day.  That includes cutting down the trees, stump grinding, chipping, and hauling away the trees.  We have total control over quality and safety. Additionally, our team is 100% drug-free and accident-free.  You never have to worry about things like drinking on the job, or having the feeling that your family and property is unsafe with Arborex.

You also won’t weeks of debris in your yard as you wait for a hauling company to remove the debris, and we will leave your property in better condition than it was when we got there.  No debris scattered or yard damage.  We don’t even ask for money until you verify that you are completely satisfied.

NCDOT Certified   DBE/MBE Certified