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At Arborex, our best source of new business comes from word-of-mouth referrals.  Our second best source comes from Angie’s list.  We feel that the reason for both of these is because our customers love us!  By knowing what we are doing, showing respect for the customer and their property, keeping our word and exceeding expectations, we build customers for life!
You don’t have to take our word for it.  We have over 250 positive reviews on Angie’s List.  If you are an Angie’s List member, we encourage you to visit their site and see for yourself.  If you are not a member of Angie’s List, we have posted some of our customer reviews below.
“I was happy with the results so I called them back for a bigger job in the backyard.  Usman and his team are consummate professionals, and we were very happy with the tree removal and pruning services provided by this excellent company. He is responsive and friendly, and the entire team is hardworking and performed a great job in what was a tough job removing trees from a steep, hilly backyard where we recently moved in. Cleaned and cleared and hauled everything away afterwards. I would certainly call them back and use Arborex again for future projects and highly recommend them.”
-Angie’s List Member: Nov 2014
Cut down huge dead tree (that was in a difficult location), cut down other smaller trees, cleared dead wood and brush from the natural areas, trimmed low branches as well as branches that were too close to the house. Chipped and cleaned up all tree debris and blew leaves off lawn areas.  The job went very well. The Arborex crew was efficient, worked carefully, diligently and everything on my to do list was completed. The Arborex owner, Mr. Usman Ahmad was very communicative and thoughtful of our needs and effectively prioritized tasks. Also, Mr. Ahmad remained on site during the entire job and was constantly checking the work being done. In all the service was excellent, our property looks great!
-Angie’s List Member:  Nov 2014
“We called on a Saturday and Usman arrived promptly on Monday to give us an estimate. We explained that we needed the work done as soon as possible so we could have a new septic system installed. He and and his crew came back the very next day to do the work. They were very skilled and worked quickly and efficiently. We were amazed at the amount of excellent quality work they were able to do in such a short time. They not only did the work we asked them to do, but also left our property looking much better than it did before they arrived. Usman is a true professional and we would definitely use his company again in the future”
-Angie’s List Member Nov 2014
“Arborex did an extensive trimming of a massive 100 year old oak tree in my front yard, and 2 smaller trees on the back of my property. They did a wonderful job, were on time and cleaned up so well that you would never guess that anything was done. Usman and his crew were super professional. Usman arranged having power lines dropped to perform the work, and everything went off without a hitch. I would recommend them highly.
It was a beautiful day to make the large Oak stand out proudly and look beautiful. It looked amazing when we were done. The house lit up, the tree was light weighted, the large branches over hanging the house, roof, drive way, and power lines were gone. The only thing remained – was a beautiful Oak tree proudly standing in your front yard”-Angie’s List Member  Oct 2014

“After a couple of weeks of phone tag, I was relieved to finally make contact with Usman and discover how professional and reasonable he was. He was on time for our scheduled walk through and was very quick to analyze the work needed and offered a very fair quote. .
His team arrived one week later at the agreed upon time to complete the project. I was really impressed with how efficiently they worked in completing the job. I thought they’d be busy for most of the day tackling that jungle in my yard, but they actually finished in just a couple of hours
I highly recommend Arborex to others and would certainly use them again in the future.”
-Angie’s List Member Oct 2014
Usman was very professional, prompt, and friendly.  Came to my house, gave me an estimate.  He called ahead to let me know he would be on time or when he would be arriving which made it convenient for me to make sure I was home when he arrived.  We walked around because I wanted his advice on some trees.  The trees I was worried about he showed him how one was hit by lightning and the other had a disease and the bark was falling off.  Both were leaning towards my house.  So, I had those trees removed and another large one that I wanted removed to provide more sunlight to my front yard.  We also had many small trees that had probably sprouted up and grew and we never noticed that were crowding my yard.  So, he took down 3 large trees, a couple smaller trees, and probably cut 10 very small trees…His crew did all the work in one afternoon, removed all the trees, cleaned up nicely, and left no damage to other trees and shrubbery.  I felt like it was a lot of money, but worth it and a fair price.  My only regret was that he did not grind up the stumps..  I forgot to ask about that, (one stump he said could not be ground because it was part of an incline and removing the stump will erode the hill), but the large stumps are a bit unsightly.  I would defiantly use this service again.  Usman and his team were incredibly nice, professional, and responsive.
Angie’s List member September 2014
We knew that we needed to have two trees removed from our back yard in order to have other work done.  After joining Angie’s list last on a Sunday, we did a little research on tree removal services near our area.  Arborex had one of the better ratings and the hours showed they worked on the weekend as well :).  We called after opening hours and Usman answered!  He was very friendly and interested in what we were wanting to have done.  He said he could come to our house that afternoon to give us an estimate!  WOW!! WHAT SERVICE!!  He was very friendly and professional when he showed up.  We showed him the two trees we wanted removed and he gave us an estimate.  We told him we wanted him to preform the job and wanted to pay cash.  He even gave us a little discount for paying cash.  Yeah!!  He told us he could do it the following week.  We had no problem with that.
The night before the trees were to come down, he called and asked if he could bring by a few of his guys to show them what trees were to be taken out, as he wasn’t sure he would arrive with them in the morning.  We appreciated the fact that he wanted to ensure his people knew exactly what we had agreed upon before performing any work.  While they were here the evening before, we (I) decided to have a dying bush removed as well.  Usman wasn’t thrown at all by us (me) adding the bush to the mix and we adjusted the price to include the bush.
Five or six gentlemen showed up on Wednesday morning at 7:30 am.  Because the trees were in our fenced-in back yard, they couldn’t use their normal equipment to remove them, so they had to do it “old school.”  It took a TOTAL of 40 minutes from arrival to departure for the two trees and bush to be removed, stumps ground, and all cleared/cleaned.  We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Arborex (and Usman) and would state, without hesitation, that if you need any type of tree service work done, use Arborex — you won’t be disappointed you did!!!
-Angie’s List Member August 2014
I called three companies from Angie’s list and Usman from Arborex answered immediately and offered to come give me an estimate. My schedule is a little crazy so I mentioned the most convenient time for me would be a two hour time slot a week out and he didn’t hesitate to say he would be there then.
He showed up on time, early really, for the estimate, was friendly, super professional and obviously concerned with making sure he had answered my questions. At this point I still hadn’t heard back from the other companies, but no matter. I was so impressed with Usman, I didn’t even bother to get other quotes, I hired him on the spot.
He scheduled our job and sent me an insurance certificate before they got started.
On the day of the job, he and his team showed up at 8 am and got right to work. Everyone was friendly and polite and it was just awesome to watch them work. These men were so clearly experienced, it was like watching a well choreographed ballet. I have never seen such teamwork.
When they were done, they cleaned up everything, including some brush that had been left behind by the city when they did the yard waste pick up in the morning.
I realize this all sounds a little over the top, but I have hired over twenty different contractors in the last ten years to help update this house and I have never been happier with a job.
-Angie’s List Member July 2014
They were prompt with communications and service, offered us a good deal on the work, and did a great job. We would definitely hire them again!
-Angie’s List June 2014
Uzman, the owner, was extremely polite and respectful.  His crew arrived in very bright – neon green t-shirts and quickly spread out to work.  It was truly amazing how fast but safely they started climbing the trees.  Everyone knew what their role was.  They had a lot of equipment and expertly they put it to work.  When the job was done, they spread out, like soldiers in the army, and thoroughly cleaned up my yard.  I highly recommend this company to everyone
-Angie’s List Member May 2014
Usman contacted me immediately after I sent a message through the Angie’s List message service and scheduled an early-morning consultation at my request, kindly offering to meet with us before we had to leave for work in the morning.  He surveyed our heavily wooded lot and made helpful recommendations about first steps to help with turning it into a front yard.  We discussed budgetary concerns, and he was on board with us waiting for about a month so that we could put a little more money towards the service as the price per tree is much lower after the equipment and crew are already on site.  Once the weather cleared, Usman and his crew were able to start within a week and got the entire job done while we were at work on a Monday.  We came home to see open views of the house from the street, and also our back woods, for the first time!  He and his crew did a great job, and nothing was damaged despite the fact that several of the trees removed were very close to the house.  They even ground some extra stumps from the yard that were scattered among the trees as they found them.  We were very happy with our service in all respects:  responsiveness, willingness to work within a set budget, timeliness of the work, quality of the work, and we will be using Usman and his Arborex crew again in the future as we clear more trees from our wooded yard.
-Angie’s List member April 2014
I called to make an estimative appointment. They had a schedule opening and arrived the same day. They quickly took down the deceased Bradford Pear and moved on to the Oak on the north side of the house. Squirrels used it a launching pad to the roof and attempt to scratch their way into the house. With extreme professionalism and care they cut down the 50+ foot tree, chipping the limbs and trunks of the trees on the spot. If I ever need another tree(s) removed I won’t hesitate to call Aborex Tree Services or recommend them to others.
-Angie’s List Member Feb 2014
Usman came out for an estimate and we were impressed by his professionalism. He and his crew returned a few days later to do the work, and they did a fantastic job. They worked quickly but carefully, taking down even the scariest trees without incident. They made sure to leave my property clean and were fantastic to work with. And their price was better than several other estimates I received. We would definitely recommend them!
-Angie’s List Member Nov 2013
Excellent work over all.  Usman was very knowledgeable and friendly.  His customer service is top notch.  The large crew was on top of the work and did an excellent job of knocking out the job in an efficient manner.  They also did a great job in clean up which is something that not all contractors are good at.  Usman walked me around the property to make sure I was happy with the end result.
I would recommend these guys to anyone.  You will not be disappointed.
-Angie’s List Member Oct 2013
On both occasions the professionals from Arborex:-  Arrived promptly
–  Were Subject Matter Experts
–  Did not go over budget / quote
–  Exceeded my expections with the work. They took great care to trim the cypress trees     so they would still look nice.
–  Cleaned up thoroughly
–  Followed up even after being paid to ensure we were still happy with the job.I consider the professionals from Arborex my Trusted Advisors for anything about trees, shrubbery, or grass.  I would highly recommend them and plan to engage them again.

-Angie’s List Member Sept 2013


We called Usman to get an estimate on taking down several trees,  and cleaning up and hauling away debris from storm damage.  He came out that afternoon and was able to give us a very reasonable estimate, and was comparable to a couple of other tree services we had contacted.   We were impressed with Usman personally and felt that his group would do the best job, so we called and hired him for the job.  They came out early the next week promptly at the time he said they would.  He reviewed with us exactly what he planned to do that day, then promptly got to work.  He and his crew of two worked hard all day, barely taking a break.  They were efficient and neat, and were respectful of the rest of our landscape.  They cleaned up the driveway and sidewalks after they were done.
     This group has now changed their name to Arborex Tree Services, and I will definitely use them again.  They did a great job and were a pleasure to work with.

-Angie’s List member Aug 2013